Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dementia Care for Chapel Hill and Durham: A Way to Help the Entire Family

By Helen Antipov

For many families here in Chapel Hill and Durham, it is a privilege and joy to be able to provide dementia care and other Alzheimer’s care for their senior loved-ones. This gives the family the opportunity to spend time together. However, taking care of seniors with dementia can be draining on the entire family because of the constant care and attention that is required for this specific care.
Comfort Keepers®, the professional and compassionate in-home senior care service provider, is proud to offer dementia care for seniors. Caregivers, the friendly and professional Comfort Keepers, are highly and specifically trained to provide care for seniors with dementia.

For every senior, Comfort Keepers prepares a customized care service package that details exactly what care each senior requires and describes exactly what services Comfort Keepers will provide. Caregivers can provide a variety of services: ranging from weekly visits of 2 hours to 24 hour in-home care live-in service. Comfort Keepers works to make sure every senior is safe and sound as they live independently in their own home.

Caregivers Work to Consciously and Compassionately Improve the Quality of Life that Each Senior Experiences
In order to provide the highest quality dementia care to seniors, caregivers are specially trained to engage seniors in what Comfort Keepers calls Interactive Caregiving®. This is a conscious effort to engage seniors in activities that helps keep their minds and bodies active. It is proven that seniors who feel involved and engaged have a higher quality of life, and this is what Comfort Keepers caregivers strive for. Interactive Caregivers spend time with seniors in the following ways:
Sharing hobbies
Listening to music and sometimes dancing
Walking around the neighborhood
Browsing through family photo albums
Putting puzzles together or working on crafts
Working together on projects around the house
And many more!
Each of these activities is designed to help seniors improve their quality of life.

Dementia Care Technology to Provide Safety
While Comfort Keepers caregivers can provide 24 hour live-in dementia care, if this is not the service package that the family chooses, there could be times when the senior is at home alone. Comfort Keepers offers several technology solutions to give families peace of mind. If a senior with dementia has a likelihood of wandering and becoming lost, they can be equipped with Comfort Keepers GPS-PERS System technology. This allows the family to track the real-time location of their senior loved-one. If the senior ever wanders and becomes lost, he or she can press the button on their PERS System and instantly be connected with a Comfort Keepers professional response operator who can dispatch emergency assistance.

At Comfort Keepers of Durham and Chapel Hill, we understand the stress that you and your family go through in this season.  We are here to help you and give you the support you need when dealing with a loved one and senior and eldercare issues here in Durham and Chapel Hill. Call us at 919-338-2044 or visit us online.

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